I am only at Monday, Tuesday and Saturday in Kaiserslautern,
Wednesday, Thursday and Friday in Sirzenich bei Trier.
If you need an appointment call me please 1-2 days before.

What is a Tantramassage?
A Tantric Massage is a
very nice possibility to gather new experiences. To take the pressure out of your head and relaxing your body. With Tantra you can feel conscious breathing, simple techniques and you can feel your energy in the whole body. With the massage different things like feather, water and warm oil will be used.

About me:
2001 Training in classic massage
2001 Training Ayuverdic back massage with Andreas Schwarz
2003 Tantra yearly training in Siddhana with Tatini and Rakendra
2004 Training in Tantra – and Tao-Massage in Dakini
2006-2008 Tantric Teacher Training

What can you experience through Tantramassage?

In the foreground is the experience of sexual addition of energy, an unknown liveliness, which can open you closed doors to your own character. With complete relaxation you experience the feeling of a tingle, a warrant, an unknown intensity of your sexual stream of energy in your feelings can open your limits. When you will return then, you will feel relaxed and full of live joy.

Slogan by Osho:
Tantra wants, that you are lively, that is your right of birth.
When you loose your liveliness, you don’t win anything, you loose everything in reality.
And when you sacrifice everything to be lively, you will loose nothing in reality.

Tantric Massage:
An introduction in the area of the sense!
Whether woman or man, this massage is a wonderful event. This massage has a special balancing effect for the whole body and offers the opportunity to relax completely physically and spiritually. To experience real ecstasy and to experience the body by steadily distributed energy as a whole.

Length: 70 minutes Price: 120,00 €
Length: 90 minutes Price: 150,00 €

I hope you will find something out of my offer and we are looking forward for your visit.

We are asking for booking by telephone : 0049( 0)178 - 20 87 153 so I can take the necessary time just for you.

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